29 Jan

When I write a poem I actually like


On the outside I’m like:


But on the inside I’m like:


Cause WU-SLam.

24 Jan

This song will deeply affect anyone who has experience the hardships of addiction to prescription medications or witnessed a loved one’s health slowly deteriorate. The video is comprised of clips from a Russian short film and fits the song rhythmically and spiritually.Daughtercreated a chilling song inMedicine,but you should definitely check out the rest of this up and coming band’s discography. Let me know what your thoughts are and keep listening!

25 Nov

Trippy music video for the already trippy sound of Purity Ring. The visuals give a strong sensation of interconnectedness and I really enjoy the cinematography of the camera following the characters.

Simple music video with a really catchy cover of a jazzy song. Watch this one!

7 Oct

Eerie and captivating display of gender-bending prostitution in a rundown industrial district.

Via Stereogum.com—I’d never heard of the South African Le Sapeurs subculture before watching this video, but apparently it involves indulging in high fancy even when you’re in the middle of a dustblown shantytown: Dressing in ridiculously fly tailored suits, twirling parasols, playing croquet, sipping tea from china. In a not-terribly-huge surprise, this stuff makes for some amazing visuals.

16 Jun

Eerie and dreamy. Good for when you feel just a little crazier than everybody else.

15 Jun

Iconic “who gives a fuck” pop music.

(Source: Spotify)

Very LCD Soundsystem-esque.

(Source: Spotify)

14 Jun


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